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This is a weblog of one person's multi-year quest to write, draw, and publish a graphic novel. This is my story: my trials, tribulations, successes and failures. -- Robert Stradley, Weekend Artist

January 2016.
This has been a dull and dreary January. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything except sit by a fire, sip tea, eat Christmas cookies, and read romances.

Well snicklefritz. I've got a million and five things to do, but I seem to have both writer's block and artist's block. Thank goodness I have a wonderful wife who is understanding and loving, not a nag.

I finally forced myself to draw and color some Valentines. This is NOT A GOOD THING!

Block is broken, thank goodness.

Drew and colored Wedding cover, Vol 1 No 4. Interestingly enough, this was originally intended as vol 1 No 2, because I wanted to show the married life of a superheroine. But all those delicious problems with costumes and dating just seemed to flow out of fingers, so the wedding got delayed. It must be the effect of all those romances I read that end with a wedding.

The engagement and wedding sequence seems really crowded, so I am thinking about changing from a 28 page comic to a 32 or 36 page comic. Actually it should be a no-brainer for a webcomic, but it means changing the formats and pagecount of these pages, and it is alot easier to change it before posting than after posting. Decisions, decisions.

Drew and colored panels 85 and 86, the setup panels for JC and Priscilla..

Decided to limit the story to 32 pages. I've got more than 40 written, but the storyline is wandering, so it was time for the editor to take control. Reworked the script with all the pages fit to print. Drew some random wedding panels.

My Amberleigh Chronicles trademark and Twisted Tail Productions trademark come due for renewal this year, so in addition to Magniloquence I need to work on Amberleigh. It is a good thing my writer's block and artist block is over, or I'd be up the crick without a paddle. Twisted Tail Productions should be a slam dunk after all the Amberleigh work gets done. Which gets done after I catch up on Magniloquence.

Worked full time drawing and coloring the panels leading up to the wedding, 87-99. The proposal was drawn almost full scale, adapted from a painting called Happy Tears by Roy Lichtenstein, which in itself was adapted from a Romance Comic drawn by Mike Sekowsky. A large format picture was also mounted, because the original was filled with so much impact. It brought me to tears, thinking about my own proposal of marriage to my beautiful wife, Leslie. Funny how life resembles art which is drawn from life in an unending circle.

I worked on Amberleigh Chronicles, so this was an "off month" for Magniloquence.

I worked on Amberleigh Chronicles, so this was an "off month" for Magniloquence.

I worked on Amberleigh Chronicles, so this was an "off month" for Magniloquence.

I worked on Amberleigh Chronicles, so this was an "off month" for Magniloquence.

The good news is that I completed number 100 - woo woo! Also numbers 101-103.

The bad news is that after the time spent on Amberleigh Chronicles, I am one step ahead of the monster -- that is, I am drawing and completing comics the day before they are due to be posted.

To complicate matters, Magniloquence is giving me problems. I wrote and sketched a sequence of increasinly more passionate kisses as Magniloquence and Kinematic Man discussed how soon to have the wedding. But after drawing them, Magniloquence wouldn't let me put them into the webcomic. So I got back at her by drawing the discussion we had, and posted it into Interludes. She got what she wanted, so I guess we are both happy.


Started the Holiday season comics, and I completed the Halloween [another bride panic attack] and Thanksgiving comics.

Completed comics 104-107.


Completed comics 108-112, up to the wedding sequence.


Completed 5 Christmas comics for the holidays.

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Quill  News-2016

First Quarter of 2016

Survived writer's block and artist block.

Started Vol1 No 4 - the wedding issue. Drew and colored Valentines and Easter panels.

Started paperwork on trademark renewals.

Second Quarter of 2016

Completed pages 87 thru 99.

Third Quarter of 2016

No work was completed on Magniloquence, as I was working on Amberleigh Chronicles.

Fourth Quarter of 2016

Completed and posted number 100 -- woo, woo. Also completed comics for the holiday season.

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