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The Weekend Artist

Herein you will see the trials and tribulations of a Weekend Artist's multi-year quest to write, draw, and publish a graphic novel series. After 9 years of working [part-time on weekends] on Amberleigh Chronicles I needed a break. That break took the form of a light-hearted superheroine comic called Magniloquence the Superheroine.

This break from the Chronicles was supposed to be a 6 month hiatus, but it has turned into a full time distraction. To date, I've scripted over 220 panels, with more sitting in the back of my head. I am entering my fifth year on Magniloquence, year 14 in the sequence, but I am still learning my craft. Perhaps on this smaller and less ambitious venue, I can reach the final goals of publishing a webcomic and comic book.

The Artist Blog continues with a synopsis of my journey, for those who are interested in historical reading about a man who was too stubborn to fail.

Robert Stradley, The Weekend Artist

Woot, Woot. I have now achieved one of my Life Goals.

April 21, 2014. A blue banner day. After ten years and 3 months of work, I finally have a webcomic on-line. This life goal was set back in January 2004 -- to write and illustrate a story and get it on-line. Magniloquence the Superheroine is now on-line and running. Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped made it happen.

I especially want to thank my goodwife, Lee, who helped, prodded, and completely encouraged me ever onward during my deepest darkest times. My children, Heather and Leslie, Jr. who never doubted I could do it, and who picked me up every time I stumbled and asked for help. Walter Hickey and Sketch Magazine for the artistic encouragement -- "it all starts with and idea and a sketch." All of the Internet sites and artists who have been doing this job for years and who showed me that "yes, indeed, it could be done." -- Robert

Below you see me hard at work in my office. Yes, what you see is a real drafting table, where I draw with real pencils and real pens. Coloring, on the other hand, is definitely done by computer. I am WAY too slow with pigment media of any kind. And when I use pastel, the chalk gets EVERYWHERE! -- Robert















Another Woot, Woot. I have achieved Another of my Goals.

Jan 30, 2017. Another bucket is now filled in my bucket list. I have completed a comic volume [4 complete issues 160+ pages] 116 storyline comics, 32 holiday comics, and 12 PPCC comics. . In spite of health, weather, and self-generated delays, I now have enough comics drawn to form a compendium to get printed. -- Robert



© 2013-2020. Magniloquence TM the Superheroine is written and illustrated by Robert Stradley, Characters and elements of Magniloquence are TM and © 2013-2020 Robert Stradley. All rights reserved. Graphic novels are published by Twisted Tail Productions PO box 9778 Wichita Falls, Texas, USA 76308. All names, characters, places, and events are fictitious and are meant to be treated as such. Any resemblance to actual persons past, present, or future is entirely coincidental. Any tongue-in-cheek reference to existing comics is purely intentional and readers are encouraged to ferret them out. If you cannot find any, you need to read more comics. If you can read this, you probably don't need new glasses.