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Magniloquence the Superheroine is not your typical superheroine comic book filled with action and adventure. This comic is primarily a series of lighthearted and funny vignettes showing the “sturm and drang” of superheroic life and romance for our heroine. While the protagonist does indeed have supervillaines and supervillains to combat, violence is of the soap suds variety and usually occurs offscreen hidden by 1960's style "bim/bam/bop" FX.

The comic follows the antics and antipathies of Magniloquence the Superheroine, a mature lady with typical super powers: she is strong, has skin of steel, and can fly. However, she is also incredibly near-sighted and must always wear her prescription combat goggles to see. Living up to her name, she is a magniloquent, commanding, bigger than life character. She is lawfully good with black and white morals; therefore she is charitable, she is chaste, and she is diligent in bringing evil doers to justice. To pay the bills [since the superheroing allowance was eliminated during recent Wonder Falls budget cuts] she has a real world job: she is the author of Pricilla’s Pearls of Common Courtesy, a Dear Abby/Emily Post/Miss Manners-like column in the local newspaper.

Her super-friends are Ampére, Kinematic Man, and Six Shooter. Ampére is a superheroine who is slinky, sexy, smooth, and shocking. Kinematic Man is a warm, fuzzy, calm, and quiet man who has super speed. Six Shooter is a good ole boy and is the fastest gun in the West.

They all live in the City of Wonder Falls, Texas.  Wonder Falls is a small West Texas town with the world's tiniest skyscraper, the world's only known Cactus and Rose Garden, and a two block long downtown. Everyone meets for coffee or tea in Buck’s Star Café or Irene's Ice Cream Parlour on the town square during the week and for picnics at the Gazebo on Sunday afternoons to hear the high school band play jazz or Broadway show tunes.  

Miscellaneous characters to date include Buck the Café owner and Madame Mayor.  

Villaines and Villains to date are Gluttony, Monaie, and Dr. Logarithm, PhD.

For background on the hows, the whys, and the where-fors, see Background.

As for the rest, well, we all will discover it as we go along.

Robert Stradley, the Weekend Artist





© 2013-2020. Magniloquence TM the Superheroine is written and illustrated by Robert Stradley, Characters and elements of Magniloquence are TM and © 2013-2020 Robert Stradley. All rights reserved. Graphic novels are published by Twisted Tail Productions PO box 9778 Wichita Falls, Texas, USA 76308. All names, characters, places, and events are fictitious and are meant to be treated as such. Any resemblance to actual persons past, present, or future is entirely coincidental. Any tongue-in-cheek reference to existing comics is purely intentional and readers are encouraged to ferret them out. If you cannot find any, you need to read more comics. If you can read this, you probably don't need new glasses.